Roof Degradation Process

1. THERMAL SHOCK One of the most common reasons for replacing a roof is caused from Thermal Shock, which is a result of  expansion and contraction.

2. MOISTURE The result from Thermal Shock leaves a opening for the Moisture to build up in the crevices.

3. CORROSION Now that the Moisture has found its way into exposed areas Corrosion can now flourish.

4. SOLUTION To stop the Corrosion by nullifying water ingress, preventing further rust from occurring, followed by two coats of Thermoshield protecting the substrate.

Stable Foundation for Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Once the area has been treated, sealed and coated with Thermoshield, the roof is now ready for the PV Panels to be installed.


Bolting panels directly to unsafe and corroded roofs is fraught with problems.


Location: Melbourne University - Southbank Campus

Site preparation - power wash surface (harness arrest in place )

Distribution area - Clean working environment

Power washing

First coat of Thermoshield

Two coats of Thermoshield

Temperature reading after application

Finally, installation of PV Panels, resulting in a 7% improved performance.

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